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Tom Chavira

Ruger Cylinders from BRC. To order call (575) 535-2923.
Over two thousand single six cylinders sold and counting.

Introducing the new 10 shot replacement Ruger Single shot New Model in 22 LR.
Asking price $139.95 plus shipping.

Ruger Single Shot New Model replacement cyclinders offered by BRC.
6 Shot22 LR$100
8 Shot22 LR$120
10 Shot22 LR$139.95
6 Shot22 Mag$100
8 Shot22 Mag$120
6 Shot17 Cal. HM2$100
8 Shot17 Cal. HM2$120
8 Shot17 Cal. HMR$120
Dealer Pricing

Cylinders will be hot blued rimfire cylinders. Mfg out 1144 steel. All Mfg BRC products machined in BRC's 50 by 70 foot shop located in Silver City, NM. All BRC products come with a 100% guarantee. BRC does not accept credit cards.


NEW ITEM! Ruger 44-40 Replacement Cylinder Drop In Ruger drop in 44-40 Cylinder ONLY FOR Ruger Vaquero 44cal. and Ruger New Model Blackhawk in 44 Special ONLY. Cylinders will be hot blued. Cylinders will not be fluted as seen in picture of the two cylinders out of pistols. Due to customer demand BRC is producing this new 44-40 cylinder for those customers who would prefer to shoot there Ruger Vaquero and New Model Blackhawk in 44-40 rather than 44 Special.
Price: $175. plus shipping!

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All prices subject to change due to changing costs of materials.