BRC Rifles

BRC is well known for its 1878 Sharpos Borchardt Action and Custom Rifles and the BRC Premium Barrel, the result of both customer feedback and extensive testing.

Parts List

+ shipping USPS cost.
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Part # Description Price
1. Main Spring Retainer Cap Pin $4.00
2. Main Spring Retainer Caps $38.50
3. Firing Pin Sear $38.50
4. Main Spring $22.00
5. Sear Pin $4.00
6. Sear Plunger $7.00
7. Sear Plunger Spring $4.00
8. Cocking Pin $4.00
9. Firing Pin/Striker $46.00
10. Breech Block $438.00
11. Receiver NA
12. Extractor $45.00
13. Barrel (Not Shown) Call
14. Barrel Lug $13.00
15. Forearm Screw (each) $15.00
16. Lever Spring Screw $15.00
17. Scope Mounts (Not Shown) NA
18. Lever Spring $45.00
19. Lever Roller and Pin (set) $9.00
20. Lever Pin $22.00
21. Lower Link Screw $7.00
22. Upper Link Screw $7.00
23. Link $20.00
24. Trigger Slide $18.00
25. Trigger $32.00
26. Trigger Pin $4.00
27. Lever $180.00
28. Safety $32.00
29. Safety Plunger $7.00
30. Safety Plunger Spring $7.50
31. Stock Bolt $12.00
32. Safety Lever Pin $4.00
33. Safety Lever $18.00
34. L & R Cocking Plate Pins (each) $9.00
35. L & R Cocking Plate (set) $84.00
36. L & R Cocking Plate Screw (each) $7.00
37. Lever Pin Retaining Screw $7.00
38. Receiver Plug Screws (each) $15.00
39. Rear Sight Tang w/ screws $110.00
40. Rear Sight Elevation Slide Bar $12.00
41. Rear Sight Base Mounting Screw $7.00

+ shipping USPS cost.
Call to Order: 575-535-2923

The Borchardt Trigger Job

The 1878 Sharps Borchardt rifle as produced by Sharps was ahead of its time in its design of a striker-style action, but had a hard trigger pull in the standard trigger. Borchardt Rifle Corporation (BRC) produces a fully machined 1878 Sharps Borchardt action with all machined internal parts that are interchangeable with the original 1878 Sharps Borchardt. In an effort to reduce the Borchardt trigger pull, Al Story, owner of BRC, has developed a sear stop screw that can be adjusted from behind the trigger with a screw driver. This brought the trigger pull down to the 1 1/4lb range. Even though this was an improvement to the old military trigger, it was not a fix for the target or competition shooter. During the testing of the new BRC barrels some serious thought was given to developing a match grade trigger using the standard Borchardt trigger. With a combination of changes, Al has reduced the trigger pull down to 8oz. By adjusting the sear stop screw one can adjust the Borchardt standard trigger from 8oz to 2 1/4lb. There are no changes to the Borchardt trigger or safety. No milling is required to either the action or the block. One stop pin hole is drilled in the block. To make these changes one has to send the entire block, and only the block, to BRC.

Cost for the trigger job is $125.00, if customer's parts are used. The condition of block and block parts can affect cost. All trigger jobs will leave BRC set at 2+ lb. Owner of rifle and person who reduces trigger pull on said Borchardt rifle takes all responsibility for reducing trigger pull!

Instructions for Disassembly of the Sharps-Borchardt Action

  1. Turn out forearm screws (15) and remove forearm.
  2. Turn out lever spring screw (16) and remove lever spring.
  3. With finger lever down and action open, turn finger lever pin lock screw (on left side of receiver) and remove lock screw. Drive out the lever pin to the left to release finger lever from the receiver.
  4. Line up the (21) finger lever link screw with the hole in the lower left side of the breech block extension and turn screw out. Finger lever can then be removed from the action.
  5. The breech block can now be removed by pushing it up through the top of receiver (the striker must remain in the cocked position). be very careful pushing breech block out that the firing pin does not disengage. It may be necessary to employ a rod through the underside of the receiver to help push the breech block out.
  6. Reassemble in reverse order. To aid in replacing the breech block into the receiver the extractor should be held temporarily in place by the (20) finger lever pin. As you push the block into the receiver it is important to pull back on trigger which pushes the (24) sear bar forward so the sear lever will be in a position to slide into the sear bar. If you allow the sear lever to go in front of the sear bar you will then have to remove (2) main spring retainer cap and (4) main spring. Doing this will allow you to get the (9) striker in the cocked position so you can push the block out of the receiver without damaging the striker pin. Source: Single Shot Rifles And Actions, by Frank de Haas published 1969